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July 18th, 2011

The tribal group of Cahuilla Indians are making sure that no stones are left unturned in the promulgation of the controversial Senate Bill 40, which legalizes online gambling in the State of California.

Irked online gamblers and poker players see the moves taken by the tribe, as flimsy dilatory tactics aimed at delaying the legalization of online gambling. The California Online Poker Association, which supports the bill, calls for the immediate response of California in order to avoid further delays.

The Bill’s authors deem it best to legalize online gambling in order to generate revenue for the government. According to Senator Lou Correa, “Senate Bill 40 would generate $ 1.4 billion in the next ten years and provide 1300 employment opportunities”; but Jeff Grube of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs is of the opinion that the State should take its time in considering and drafting action in relation to this venture.

According to Grube, no successful action in this front could be derived even in the next couple of years. Agua Caliente through Grube proposes six demands that must first be met before they agree to Senate Bill 40—one of which is to limit the legalization of online gambling only to the game of poker. Grube added that going beyond that would threaten the exclusivity provisions of the State.

The public in general has mixed reactions on Grube’s point. Some question the distinction made of poker over other games. According to them, the elements of expectancy, luck and chances are present in all of the other games; if they are not against poker, why should they be against the other games? Some believe that the state loses millions for every year online gambling legislation is delayed.

The Cahuilla Indians, however, remain adamant that rushing legislation is not the best course of action.

February 7th, 2011

Millionaire Casino is a very established online casino as they have been operating successfully for over a decade now, and there are not many casinos online with such longevity. Their reputation is impeccable and you can read our millionaire casino review for more details.

One thing about Millionaire Casino is that they know to offer the best in promotions and tournaments for the discerning player. So here is a review of all available promotions at Millionaire Casino.

First thing first, of course when you register as a new player you get the welcome bonus. Millionaire Casino will give you a 100% applicable to your first three deposits, $2k on the first one, $1k on the second one and $2k on the third one. This is potentially a 100% bonus up to $5,000k.

Note that you must use your credit card to make the deposit in order to receive such bonuses. Also these are wagering bonuses only, in other words that can only be used for wagering but not for redeeming cash. Two balances are maintained at all times, one cash balance, one bonus balance. Anytime you make a bet, the wager money will be taken from your bonus account if there are sufficient funds in it. If you win the wager will be returned to the bonus account but the winnings will go into your real money account (except craps where both go to your real money account).

Also there are so-called wagering requirements before you can withdraw any money won using the bonus account. What this means is you must have wagered at least a specified amount before you can withdraw your winnings, and the regular multiplier at Millionaire Casino is 20 times. Most wagers account for 100% toward this requirement, but certain games count less, such as blackjack, video poker, poker, craps, roulette and baccarat. This bonus is really geared toward playing the slot machines which all count for 100%.

In addition they have a VIP program called the M Club with six tiers. All deposits receive a bonus with a 10 times wagering requirement as follows for each tier: Amber (10%), Bronze (15%), Silver (20%), Gold (25%), Platinum (30&) and Diamond (35%).

The M Club also provides so-called weekly bonuses as follows. You will get a 75% bonus on your first deposit every Tuesday, up to $250 but up to $500 for Platinum and Diamond, with a 20 times wagering requirement. Similarly the Thursday bonus is worth 50% and the Saturday bonus is worth 100%.

Good Luck to you at Millionaire casino online.

January 12th, 2011

Happy New Year 2011.

So what is 2011 going to be for online casino players? Online gaming is certainly a fast evolving business, as is the Internet. The good news is that nowadays it is very safe to transfer money to online casinos, and we only discuss the safest and most secure Internet properties. The question is mostly to find the sites that will satisfy your needs.

First make sure to shop around for the juiciest bonuses for new and existing players. Read carefully the fine prints as each casino has its own rules regarding which games are eligible for converting the bonus and how to convert it. Online casino bonuses are good to you only if you know that you will be able to cash them out one day.

With respect to the legality on online gambling, first it depends where you are located. In the USA, the legal landscape is not expected to change rapidly now that the Republicans are in control of Congress and given that they are the ones who enacted the current set of laws, i.e. the infamous UIGEA regulation. This limits somehow the easiness to transfer money, but it does not make playing at an online casino illegal. Everyone can play at VIP Slots if they want.

For other countries, each one has its specific laws. In the UK, it is perfectly legal as it should be, as it is in Canada or Brasil. In France and Italy, gambling laws where recently enacted limiting legal betting. Mostly games of skills are allowed, only if offered by a licensed operator. In China online gambling is forbidden as should be expected from a country with a tight rein of their Internet. Many other countries allow online gambling or have not yet addressed the question, such as India or Japan.

Finally make sure you understand what you are doing and the risks. Like any good things such as wine, fast cars or women, it can be highly entertaining and exciting only if you know your limits and do not become addicted. Play with moderation, establish rules and a gaming bankroll that does not affect your living standard.

That’s it for now, may the Goddess of Chance be on your side.

December 10th, 2010

If you follow online poker, then you probably heard the name Isildur1.

Isildur1 is an online poker sensation who appeared at Full Tilt Poker’s high stakes tables one year ago. A sensation as he came from nowhere to participate in the highest games on the Internet, not afraid to rub elbows with the best poker pros such as Tom “durrrr’ Dwan, Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey.

He won and lost tons of money, millions sometimes in one session, and became the attraction for hundreds of rail birds always looking for a game where the average pot is more than the yearly salary of the American worker. If proof needed to tell he is a big shot player, he was involved in the largest pot in online poker at over $1.3 million dollars against Patrik Antonius.

The Isildur1’s myth is even captivating due to the mystery of this player’s identity. Rumored to be Swedish player Viktor Blom, however when Bluff Europe asked if it was him, Viktor responded that he is “not the man they are looking for.” Speculations abound about the true identity of the enigmatic player, but one thing is certain is that it will be known in the not too distant future as he just joined Pokerstars.

This is the coup for number one online poker room Pokerstars as they stole one of Full Tilt’s most followed player, and all the buzz and publicity that goes with him. The other poker players attracting as much attention can be counted with your fingers, Tom Dwan probably being the most observed player currently.

And Isildur1 did not disappoint for his beginning at pokerstars. In a marathon session of 14 hours of uninterrupted online poker, he won about $287k. Not bad for a first day at work. He played $20/$50 NLHE against renowned players Brian “$tinger 88” Hastings, Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin and Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer among others, and would not back down from anyone’s challenge.

Keep tuned, as Isildur1 will be heard again soon.

December 6th, 2010

1on1casino.com just started a news service about gambling.

1o1casino.com is one of the leading websites reviewing online casinos and casino games. They provide unbiased information about reputable casinos and rogue casinos. Which casinos to favor, and which ones to avoid like the plague.

Their impartial reviews have been praised for the amount of details provided and the wealth of information available to all online gamblers, from the beginners to the seasoned pros. As the online gaming landscape is constantly evolving, with new casinos, new games and some old casinos getting busted, this reference website helps savvy players get a clearer picture of what is going on.

They also have articles about casino games and the best strategy to approach them, and tips on how to get the most for your money by picking favorable bonus offerings or VIP clubs and seasonal promotions. These games are games of chance but using a little bit of brain can certainly help your wallet, or even position you better to catch a large jackpot one day.

Adding to their rich information website, 1on1casino.com just announced that they are now offering a gambling news service. The service will feature interesting opportunities and promotions as they happen, as well as stories about the industry. The focus is mostly online casinos in the USA and Europe, with additional news about online poker and sports betting.

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