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Three roulette cheaters in jail

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Last month three professional players of British origin were sentenced between 10 and 30 months in prison for cheating at roulette. Their crime is to have cheated while playing this game of roulette in a Monte Carlo casino.

monaco casino

Apart from this imprisonment, these world-class players have also been fined €850,000 they will pay the SBM (Société des bains de mer) which was a civil party in the trial that was held at the Monaco court. It must be said that these professionals have succeeded to extract an amount of €3,660,000 from the Casino through their deception. The tactic they used was quite simple: they hid worthless chips of €10 from a previous game, for later reusing them but this time as chips worth €1,000.

Very talented scammers

An English roulette table entertains up to 7 players, each with the ability to choose the value and color of the chips he uses. In this regard Christian Ollier, head of the Games Control Service of the Government of Monaco, informs that the dealers did not verify the exact amount of chips that players put into play. He has stressed that it is this negligence attributable to SBM that cheaters were able to exploit. As a specialist in the field, he admits that the players in question were very good on this one.

The mastermind is a Pakistani aged 49 answering to the name of Sajid Rashid. The eldest of the trio, he showed some surprise at the charges against him, claiming that he saw dozens of people keep their chips during his playing career. The least we can say is that this is a professional, because he says he has been playing for over 30 years and has played at many casinos around the world.

30 months jail time

Sajid Rashid was using up to 28 different identities to play in London, and was excluded for life from all casinos in the city. He has also been sentenced to 14 months imprisonment in his own country, again for cheating. His greatest accomplice in Monaco was a 26 years old British by the name of Qamar Hussain.

The two accomplices were sentenced to a term of thirty month imposed by the court of the Principality of Monaco. The third member of the band has got ten months imprisonment in view of his late participation in the operation. This is Zahidul Haque Khan, a 45 years old family man from Bangladesh. Although he denied having participated in any cheating, a surveillance camera clearly shows 5 times tokens hidden inside his pocket. Yet he continued to shout in a broken English that all he had done was going to get a cigarette and some food.

Special treatment for these high rollers in Monaco

These three protagonists enjoyed the status of big players and were housed and fed nicely in one of the hotels of Monaco’s Société des bains de mer. They deserved that recognition as Sajid stated losing 200,000 euros in one hour, while Qamar, the youngest of the band with his angel face, confessed that he has been addicted to gambling since he was 14 years old.

Qamar Hussain said they used a cheat system for the first time during a Grand Prix event. His accomplice and Sajid explained that the idea of ​​combining their chips was given to them by tourists. According to the prosecutor Alexia Brianti, the procedure of the group, which was revealed through a video obtained at the last Formula 1 Grand Prix, was perfectly oiled. The two older men undertook to recover the chips, while the third member reused them to play at the table.

Incarcerated since June

Once identified during the F1 Grand Prix, the three friends decided to return to Monaco in June, and it was then that they were arrested by the police. SBM demanded they pay a fine amounting to €3.66 million, an estimate of the amount they would have earned using their scam for a whole year. However, the court decided not to follow this request, the surveillance cameras, which only retain images of the last ten days, not allowing to incriminate the cheaters over a period dating back that far.

Mr. Thomas Giaccardi, lawyer for the Société des bains de mer, yet claimed that the three men regularly frequented the establishment for a year in order to apply their cheat system. According to him, they are simply crooks who try to portray themselves as sick gambling addicts. In the end, the prosecutor requested a sentence of three years for Qamar and Sajid, and eighteen months for Zahidul.

Already in jail since their arrest in June, the three returned to their building with sea views, the small prison in Monaco with 20 cells located below the Oceanographic Museum. The rumor is that nowadays they spend their time gambling online at netbet.co.uk. But they cannot cheat there.

Best wishes for 2013

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

new yearThe team at 1on1casino wants to wish you the best of success for 2013 and beyond!

We are going to add many new articles and casino reviews this year, so keep posted or subscribe to our feed for the latest information. We will also update our reviews more often as new casinos come and some decide to leave the market. Our top recommended online casino is now Rome Casino, read the review for the details.

Online gambling is sure to deliver more surprises this year and we are getting used to it with all the changes in recent year. This is still a young industry with opportunities for operators that plan on penetrating the market, and for players always on the look out for a good deal. Not all casinos are made equal and this is why it is important to do some research to get the most out of your money.

This is why we are here, as our mandate is to select the safest and most juicy casinos out there for you. So as all the ground work is done already with our top ten selection, you are handed the list of the casinos with the highest reputation and can choose from that pool instead of reading pages after pages of google results. Our top ten list only includes secure casinos which have stood the test of time.

Do your home work before sending any money to an online casino operator. Read online reviews including ours to make up your mind. Research if there is any association between a casino and the term rogue casino. If you take any casino in our list you should find no such association. Likewise look for players complaints, here again a sure sign something is wrong with a casino. Here again you should not find such occurrences as we only select the cream of the cream.

Vacation Time! How About a Casino Cruise

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Your next vacation is smooth sailing when you join the fun on a cruise ship. Hassle-free travel is the only way to go, and the top reviews for a fabulous getaway all point to the cruise ships. Cruising brings you the best and all for less with one low price and value-packed savings. Cruise the four corners of the world with top notch entertainment, gourmet dining, casinos, and a friendly staff to make your vacation happen.

Travel blogs, online information travel forums, and top reviews all agree that cruises have taken the lion's share of the travel industry's business. Discriminating travelers know how to get more bang from their buck with an all-inclusive cruise ship adventure to the best destinations on earth. Relax in a sumptuous cabin and stretch out on the warm sun deck. Cruise ship living is wrap-around luxury and provides all the perks and amenities that say "you're worth it." The unlimited dining is ready to go when you are from in-house seating with silver service to casual snacking in the casinos.

Cruise ship patrons may wish to kick it up a notch by adding a few extra shoreline excursions. Cruise guests may book their excursions at the tour desk aboard ship or secure their spot with an advance reservation at the time of booking. Some shoreline excursions are in hot demand and tend to fill up quickly regardless of the cost. So when you find an excursion you like, get busy and book it before it's too late.

Seasoned cruisers know to book their favorite shore excursions in advance before the last seat is taken and the door slams shut. From dog sled rides in Alaska to day trips to Cairo from Alexandria, the cruise ship experience takes you where you want to be from the comfort of a floating hotel. Book early or book late; cruise ship vacations are great.

Online casinos in 2011

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Happy New Year 2011.

So what is 2011 going to be for online casino players? Online gaming is certainly a fast evolving business, as is the Internet. The good news is that nowadays it is very safe to transfer money to online casinos, and we only discuss the safest and most secure Internet properties. The question is mostly to find the sites that will satisfy your needs.

First make sure to shop around for the juiciest bonuses for new and existing players. Read carefully the fine prints as each casino has its own rules regarding which games are eligible for converting the bonus and how to convert it. Online casino bonuses are good to you only if you know that you will be able to cash them out one day.

With respect to the legality on online gambling, first it depends where you are located. In the USA, the legal landscape is not expected to change rapidly now that the Republicans are in control of Congress and given that they are the ones who enacted the current set of laws, i.e. the infamous UIGEA regulation. This limits somehow the easiness to transfer money, but it does not make playing at an online casino illegal. Everyone can play at VIP Slots if they want.

For other countries, each one has its specific laws. In the UK, it is perfectly legal as it should be, as it is in Canada or Brasil. In France and Italy, gambling laws where recently enacted limiting legal betting. Mostly games of skills are allowed, only if offered by a licensed operator. In China online gambling is forbidden as should be expected from a country with a tight rein of their Internet. Many other countries allow online gambling or have not yet addressed the question, such as India or Japan.

Finally make sure you understand what you are doing and the risks. Like any good things such as wine, fast cars or women, it can be highly entertaining and exciting only if you know your limits and do not become addicted. Play with moderation, establish rules and a gaming bankroll that does not affect your living standard.

That’s it for now, may the Goddess of Chance be on your side.

1on1casino news service

Monday, December 6th, 2010

1on1casino.com just started a news service about gambling.

1o1casino.com is one of the leading websites reviewing online casinos and casino games. They provide unbiased information about reputable casinos and rogue casinos. Which casinos to favor, and which ones to avoid like the plague.

Their impartial reviews have been praised for the amount of details provided and the wealth of information available to all online gamblers, from the beginners to the seasoned pros. As the online gaming landscape is constantly evolving, with new casinos, new games and some old casinos getting busted, this reference website helps savvy players get a clearer picture of what is going on.

They also have articles about casino games and the best strategy to approach them, and tips on how to get the most for your money by picking favorable bonus offerings or VIP clubs and seasonal promotions. These games are games of chance but using a little bit of brain can certainly help your wallet, or even position you better to catch a large jackpot one day.

Adding to their rich information website, 1on1casino.com just announced that they are now offering a gambling news service. The service will feature interesting opportunities and promotions as they happen, as well as stories about the industry. The focus is mostly online casinos in the USA and Europe, with additional news about online poker and sports betting.

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