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All the Way to the Top

Monday, September 24th, 2012

It’s been an unparalleled summer of success for Britain in the sporting arena, and even as September arrived, a certain Andy Murray kept the feel good feeling going for another month. Away from the Olympics (and tennis, and cycling) there is another arena where Britain constantly dominates the world without achieving any headlines: online poker.

Poker is massively popular in the UK in all its forms, whether that’s live games for real money, free poker online with the likes of SkyPoker, or high-stakes multi-table games for the top players online, Britain is dominating at them all. With more people taking up the game every week, and a great number of resources online to help people learn, there’s no reason this domination should end.

One of the most remarkable feats by a British player in recent months has been the performance of Sam Trickett who played 2,171 hands of online poker recently and won an astonishing $265,315 for his trouble, all of which he managed to fit in during a day of playing.

poker table

Averaging those figures out reveals just how dominant Trickett was, winning a huge $100,000 on one hand and winning around $120 on every single hand (that is, of course, an average). Although far from Trickett’s best performance in a single day (although one of the best ever online), it does serve to illustrate just how much money can be made playing online poker in the UK, and just how good the opposition are if you’re interested in playing the biggest cash games.

For the majority of us, such figures are a lifetime away, as is having the guts to play for really huge money. Nonetheless, everyone starts somewhere, and Trickett has gone from scratch to the top of the game in just five or six years. With sufficient determination and time taken to really hone your game, anybody can make it to the big tables (although perhaps not with the same level of talent and instinctive nouse).

The most important thing you need to be good at poker is to be patient and to learn how to work out what other people are doing. Certainly there’s a lot of luck and the mastery of odds involved but the key is to know not whether your hand is better than your opponent’s, but to be able to work out that his is worse than yours.

Whilst this might seem redundant, it’s the key to winning at poker because it should teach you not to chase the best hands on unlikely outcomes, but to play your opponents hands, and therefore know when to stick, when to twist, and when to just admit that this time you haven’t got the right cards to stay in.

So, if you want to get good at poker, just head online and get cracking, practise makes perfect after all!

Isildur1 starts strong at pokerstars

Friday, December 10th, 2010

If you follow online poker, then you probably heard the name Isildur1.

Isildur1 is an online poker sensation who appeared at Full Tilt Poker’s high stakes tables one year ago. A sensation as he came from nowhere to participate in the highest games on the Internet, not afraid to rub elbows with the best poker pros such as Tom “durrrr’ Dwan, Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey.

He won and lost tons of money, millions sometimes in one session, and became the attraction for hundreds of rail birds always looking for a game where the average pot is more than the yearly salary of the American worker. If proof needed to tell he is a big shot player, he was involved in the largest pot in online poker at over $1.3 million dollars against Patrik Antonius.

The Isildur1’s myth is even captivating due to the mystery of this player’s identity. Rumored to be Swedish player Viktor Blom, however when Bluff Europe asked if it was him, Viktor responded that he is “not the man they are looking for.” Speculations abound about the true identity of the enigmatic player, but one thing is certain is that it will be known in the not too distant future as he just joined Pokerstars.

This is the coup for number one online poker room Pokerstars as they stole one of Full Tilt’s most followed player, and all the buzz and publicity that goes with him. The other poker players attracting as much attention can be counted with your fingers, Tom Dwan probably being the most observed player currently.

And Isildur1 did not disappoint for his beginning at pokerstars. In a marathon session of 14 hours of uninterrupted online poker, he won about $287k. Not bad for a first day at work. He played $20/$50 NLHE against renowned players Brian “$tinger 88” Hastings, Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin and Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer among others, and would not back down from anyone’s challenge.

Keep tuned, as Isildur1 will be heard again soon.

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